Thursday, April 30, 2009

Valverde out up to 3 weeks


"Closer Jose Valverde was hoping to miss only the 15 days required after he went on the disabled list earlier this week, but it looks like he'll be on the shelf longer than that.

Valverde had approximately 20 cc of fluid drained from his right calf at the Methodist Hospital on Thursday by team physician Dr. David Lintner. There is still approximately 60 cc of fluid remaining that will have to be removed on Friday, at which time doctors will make a small incision in order to drain the remaining fluid.

Valverde is expected to miss up to three weeks after the final procedure on Friday.

Bad news for Valverde but at least they got him when they did. Hopefully they can get this knocked out and he will be fine for the remainder of the season.

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