Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rough Day at Busch for Houston

I felt like I was serving a court ordered punishment watching this game today.

Instead of posting a pitching line for the Houston hurlers I'm just gonna post this:

Albert Pujols 2-4, 2 HR, 7 RBI.

I want to puke.

Oswalt came out dealing and Houston looked like they were going to be in good shape when they had 2 runners on in each of the first 3 innings. However they couldn't drive any runs across and missed out on all 3 opportunities.

After 4 Roy had given up only 1 run and the game was still in hand. However in the 5th Roy gave up another run and eventually had to face Albert Pujols with the bases loaded who, as Albert Pujols tends to do, went yard for the breakfast at Denny's.

My mom txt'd me and called Cooper and idiot for pitching to Pujols. I don't agree. Yes Pujols is a monster and the bases were juiced but he had his ace on the hill who had been dealing up until this inning. I pitch to the guy too.

Later Wright comes in and gives up 2 bloops for singles and has to face Pujols who hit his 2nd jack, for 3 runs and after that I gave up all hope for today's game having any silver lining at all.

In the bottom of the 9th Blum singled and Bourn hit an RBI triple which is great for Michael who went 1-3 with a BB. Smith brought Bourn in with a sac fly to left giving Houston their only 2 runs of the game.

Cardinals win it 11-2.
Wainwright gets the win and Roy Oswalt starts the season with two losses.

Cripes...glad this one is over.

Wainwright was not good at all today yet much like Lilly in the 3rd game of the Cubs series he will get a W.

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