Sunday, April 19, 2009

Blown Call and Lack of Clutch Hitting Lead to Houston Loss

0-11 with RISP. Is there anything else I really need to say? Houston's offense has been a ghost with RISP this year it seems.

Good News: Felipe Paulino. I'll go as far as to say he earned himself another start, especially with Moehler most likely missing his next start.

Bad News: Our offense. Anyone seen Lance Berkman lately?

The bad call may have cost Houston some runs but that's baseball and this wont be the last time it happens. Sometimes it's in your favor, sometimes it isn't.

Houston (4-8)
Geary L


  1. Dear Kaz,

    Please give up. You are an offensive liability.

    Brad Ausmus' Batting Average

  2. Kaz had his first AB today in about a week and it was against Cordero, who throws some heat. He actually put up a decent ab.

    He belongs at the top of the line up and has pretty good plate discipline.

    If he is a liability anywhere, it is on defense.

  3. Btw,

    Kaz Matsui career numbers vs. Brad Ausmus:

    Batting average:
    Kaz .276
    Ausmus .251

    Kaz .330
    Ausmus .325

    Kaz .726
    Ausmus .669