Thursday, April 9, 2009

Series Wrap Up - Astros V. Cubs

The Chubs...err Cubs, won the series with Houston 2 games to 1.

Runs Scored:
Chicago 17
Houston 11

This is how Houston ended up in playoff contention last year while being outscored by their opponents. They win the close low scoring games and lose big on occasion, ala' when they face the Texas Rangers or when Brian Moehler gives up 8 runs in two innings.

Chicago 31
Houston 18

Chicago definitely out hit Houston but if you take away Moehler's 10 hits in two innings the margin of difference is a little closer, but alas, those hits count.

Quality Starts:
Chicago 2
Houston 2

The difference was in the third game when Houston lost the slug fest.

Bullpen Runs Allowed:
Chicago 2
Houston 4

Chicago 1 Error, E6.
Houston 2 Errors, both E6. Tejada did have some nice defensive plays however.

Chicago nearly out performed Houston in all areas deservedly giving them the series win.

Series MVP: This is tough. Hunter Pence hit two home runs, Lance Berkman, Miguel Tejada and Michael Bourn were all consistent as well. Our bullpen also pitched well and you can not forget Wandy Rodriguez.

However, my pick goes to Jeff Keppinger. He won game two in his first at bat and singled and homered in his 2nd and 3rd at bat as an Astro. Welcome to the team J-Kepp.

Series let down: Carlos Lee. 1 for 12 with two GIDP. I don't expect Carlos to be the series let down too often.

Series Record: (0-1)
Team Record: (1-2)

Place in the division: Tied for last with Cinci. 1 game back of 1st.

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