Friday, April 17, 2009

Valverde Blows it in the Ninth, Stros Lose

Houston's offense was asleep tonight. They only had 2 hits, both by Miguel Tejada, until the 9th, and their only run was scored off of a Lance Berkman walk.

Roy Oswalt deserved the win but didn't get it.

Bourn 0-3, K, BB
Tejada 2-4
Berkman 0-1 3 BB, RBI
Lee 0-4, K, GIDP, 6 hitters left on base
Pence 0-3, BB
Blum 1-4
Rodriguez 1-4, K
Smith 0-4, GIDP
Oswalt 0-1 BB, R
Michaels BB

Good grief Carlos Lee.

Pitching Line:
Oswal 6 IP, 5 hits, 4K, 3 BB (Roy absolutely earned a win tonight.)
Geary 1 IP, 0 H
LeHawk 1 IP, 1H, (I thought this was a very good inning for LeHawk. He Battled)
Valverde 1 IP, 1H, 1 HR, 2 ER

Good News: Roy Oswalt pitched well enough to earn his first win and Geary and LeHawk both pitched well. Defensive props to Hunter Pence for throwing out Willie T at 3rd.

Bad News: OFFENSE!! Carlos Lee left 6 men on base by himself. That's your MO Caballo.

Valverde blew his first save opp to get the L.

Stros (3-7)
Roy (0-2)
Valverde (0-1) Blown Save

Tomorrow has Wandy Rodriguez facing Aaron Harang at 6:05 central.

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