Sunday, May 3, 2009

There's good news and bad news...what do you want first?

The Astros won the series against Atlanta and are 4-2 on their road trip...why am I not excited?

The Stros are BEAT UP right now. Valverde out at least three weeks which could end up being five, Chris Sampson takes a line drive off the ankle and is unavailable for no less than a few days, and Doug Brocail JUST got of the DL only to injur his hamstring. Brocail says ""Of course it will be a [disabled-list stint]...No doubt."

I said I'm not excited but I am happy with the effort the team has shown the last two games. LaTroy Hawkins, or LeHawk, has been picking up the slack and giving the Stros someone to close out games with. With Moehler coming off the DL Houston has another reliever somewhere, and right now that is Felipe Paulino. We'll see what happens after Mo's start.

I think that the bullpen is going to do their best to step up but after the last two games, Houston really needs a starter to go deep. This could be difficult with Moehler making his first start since coming off the DL.

But, for some reason, I see Lance Berkman benefiting from this...weird right? It's not that I think Berkman is going to swallow some magic pill and start hitting all of the sudden, but I do think he is going to see a team that he can really help and find his it a hunch.

Ok, enough rambling. Houston is going to be in a difficult spot for a while and that isn't going to change until they get healthy or their offense catches fire.

I for one am always bummed with Houston loses or gets rained out, so this Atlanta series has been an interesting one. But they are going to Washington where it's been raining for...all season. It seems like the Nats have had half their games rained out. There is chance that Houston may get a day off to get well and as much as I want to watch my team play, I wouldn't be totally bummed.

Houston Astros @ Washington Nationals series preview tomorrow. Moe and Roy O.


  1. Your right about them limping back to Houston, that's for sure! I have to keep reminding myself that Berkman statistically has slow slow starts.

    Speaking of Berkman, what do you think the chances are that they move him out to left and move in Lee to help in the outfield?

  2. I would say 0%. Carlos has taken groundballs at third but that is a last resort for Cooper. I don't think Lance will be playing outfield again in his career.