Thursday, May 7, 2009

Astros fall 6-3 to Cubbies, Go for Split Later Today

Houston lost last nights game 6-3 to the Chubs. Hampton gave up 4 in the 1st and Houston never recovered.

Mike ended up settling down later in the game but the damage was done.

Berkman did have a two run homer though, "very nice." - Borat

So the Stros will throw Russ Ortiz out later today, who thinks he will go 6 innings?

Consider this the preview for todays game as I just finished one final and I have another at 5. So this is my Stros time.

In other news Manny Ramirez is out 50 games for a drug related suspension. Either this is baseball getting clean or this is baseball getting ugly. I really hope this trend does not continue.

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